We really like this one! Available in different lead sizes, shapes and varieties. What they all have in common is that they smell good, like hot water and are nice even when they are dried.


A real Bunchery favourite! Nice colors, different tones, long durability and nice stems.

Baby’s Breath/Gypsophila

Hot water, diagonal incision and a clean vase = a long life together with the classic Baby’s Breath.


An autumn friend who likes lukewarm water. Another favorite is the montbretzia after it has been bloomed, with the berries/fruits on. Really nice in a vase together with hydrangeas for example - and durable!


Here are many different varieties to choose from when it's season- Protea has a woody stalk and likes very warm water best.

Foxtail Amaranth/ Amaranthus

An autumn beauty that likes warmer water and a diagonal cut with a knife. Available in green and a rust tone. Furry ones are also available!

Great Masterwat/ Astrandsia

The great masterwart thrives best in lukewarm water cut with diagonally with a knife and in a clean vase.

Artichoke/ Cynara

When it comes to our artichokes, we think you should enjoy them in a vase, not as something eatable. Make a diagonal cut with a knife and put in lukewarm water and you'll enjoy an incredibly beautiful purple color.

Sunflower/ Helianthus

The sunflower lasts the longest if you make a diagonally long cut, pick off the big green leaves, put them in lukewarm water. If the stalk is thick / woody, use hot water.


Dahlia, our dahlia. Take good care of this primadonna and you'll enjoy one of the finest flowers of the autumn, according to us. A careful cut with a knife, in cold/ lukewarm water and a sparkling clean vase.

Hortensia/ Hydrangea

One of autumn's true darlings is of course the hydrangea. Here, it is important to scale quite a few leaves, making a long cut with a knife and put in a lot of hot water. If the stalk is very hard / woody, use hot water. The autumn Hortensia is especially nice to dry – just don’t put it in direct sunlight, as it may lose some color.

Thistle/ Eryngium

One of Bunchery's bestsellers, a long-lasting long-lasting friend, can appear in blue and white/green. Lukewarm water, diagonal incision and place in a clean vase.

Billy Buttons/ Craspedia

A nice yellow kiss-resistant as shame and with a beautiful color. Lukewarm water, incision and into the vase. Lovely to dry as well, preferably standing without water.

Gerbera/ Germini

A true classic who wants a short diagonal incision and cold water in the vase. Available in a variety of colors.


A summer flower that thrives in warm water with a long diagonal cut. A quite sensitive creature but oh, so nice!

Lily/ Lillium

Here, we keep an eye on the lilies found with fragrance and those without. They like the same things no matter what- cut with a knife and cold water. As always, remove all the leaves that would have been consumed by the water.


Autumn's primeur, available in countless colors. Round chrysanthemum and santini are variants of chrysanthemum. They like quite hot water and of course a diagonal cut with a knife.


Really one of the favorites, the season is early summer. Here, it’s good to remove quite a few leaves to force the bud up, make sure the vase is really clean, cut a diagonal cut and place the primadonnas in lukewarm water. If the bud is still closed, increase the water temperature slightly.