You can find the package to this DIY wreath in H&M Home Concept Stores in collaboration with Bunchery in stores around Europe. The material that you will need, is all there – just add a secateur.

Step by step – this is how to do it.

Step One

Fasten the wire on the wreath and make small bundles with mixed green foliage.

Step Two

Take one bunch at a time and and bind it on to the wreath-frame using the wire.

Step Three

Make sure the bunches overlaps each other so the wreath-frame isn´t visible.

Step Four

Work your way around the wreath, bunch by bunch, until it becomes a full circle. Fasten the wire and cut it off.
Enjoy the Holidays with your own Home-made WinterWreath. More information and a recap: @buncherybyblomrum